1. Click the button in the location search field and select “Near me”

You will need to allow location access in your browser and/or allow location services on mobile.

2. Search for a venue by name or tag in the “Search for” field.

Popular tags include: bar & grill, patio, lounge, sports bar, pub, dive bar, deck, bar, theater, pizza place, outdoor, taproom, Irish pub, wine bar, tavern, beer garden, biker-friendly, tiki bar, all-ages, dance floor, bbq, art gallery, event space, brick, private club, listening room, coffee shop, concert series, pool hall, billiards, studio, music hall, nonprofit, waterfront, DIY, saloon, coffeehouse, entertainment complex, tasting room, performing arts center, ballroom, bistro, hotel, vineyard

3. Search Near city or state

Searches 120 miles outward from the center of location.

Advanced Search options

4. Advanced Search is enabled by clicking the button.

Include/exclude venue type, genres or capacity.

5. CHANGE LOCATION limits searches to within a city or state’s borders.