3282 3574 3631 4328 = number of published venues
951 709 479 = number of venues yet to be categorized
634 1662 1900 2,220 2,600 = number of profile images created, venue info added
18,000 = estimated number of venues in the U.S. remaining
1 = current number of employees at VenueMaps.net

[updated January 29, 2018]


The purpose of this site is to connect independent musicians of all types with places to perform, and to facilitate the booking process and/or tour planning. We intend to prioritize smaller venues, non-traditional venues, and venues that are otherwise under-represented.


  • We are still in beta mode, but getting there.
  • Venue data outside the initial 10-state range will take some time to acquire and process.
  • Some data from original maps will take time to flesh out with profile images and details.
  • Social Login does not work. Waiting on Terms and Privacy.
  • Send us a message if you want a Facebook Beta Tester account to add and review venues.

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