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An open mic (or open mike) is a live show at a venue such as a coffeehouse, nightclub, comedy club, strip club, or pub, usually taking place at night, in which audience members may perform on stage whether they are amateurs or professionals, often for the first time or to promote an upcoming performance. – Wikipedia

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118 North

12 North Sports Bar

1781 Brewing Company

185 King Street

1904 Music Hall

1st Street Bar

300 Suns Brewing

313 Café

404 Bar

404 Bar & Grill

565 LIVE

7 Monks Taproom Traverse City

710 Beach Club

Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant

Abbey Road Tavern & Grill Cary

Abbey Road Tavern Apex

Acadia Live

Alibi Truckee Public House

Alibi’s Bar & Grill

AllWays Lounge & Cabaret

Alpha Brewing Co.

Altered Frequencies

Anderson Mill Pub

Ann O’Malley’s Pub

Apache XLR

Archie’s Big Heads

Area 23 Concord

Arnold’s Lounge

At The Garages

ātac: downtown arts + music

Aurora Borealis


Average Joe’s Beernasium

Avogadro’s Number

Aztec Brewery

Banks Street Bar & Grill

Bar 2300

Bar K

Bareback Bar & Icehouse


BarleyPop Live

Barrel Room at 21st

BarrelHouse Visalia

Barrow Brewing Company

Basement Transmissions

Bauser’s Dunedin

Be Here Now

Beat Nook Cafe

Bellos Lounge

Belmar Pub & Grill


Ben’s Tune Up

Bert’s Market Place

Best Video Film & Cultural Center

Big Al’s Down the Hatch

Big Hart Brewing Company

Big Top Brewers Collective

Big Woody’s Chesapeake Square

Big Woody’s Great Bridge

Billy’s Clubhouse

Billy’s Tip N’ Inn

Bird Cage Saloon

Bishop’s Lounge

Black Forge Coffee House

Black Lodge Video

BLACK PLAGUE Brewing Oceanside

Black Sheep Pub

Black Sparrow Music Parlor

Blackbird on Pearl

Blackie’s On The Square

Blackrocks Brewery

Blackstone Irish Pub

Blackthorn Pizza & Pub

Bleachers Bar

Blockhouse Bar

Blue Fox Billiards

Blue Ghost Brewing Company

Blue Moon Saloon

Blue Moon Seattle

Blue Tavern

Bluebonnet Bar

Blues Tavern

Bob’s Tavern

Boojum Brewery Taproom


Brass Hall

Brauer House Lombard

Brick at Blue Star

Brickyard Dauphin Street

Bridgeport Rib House

Brinson’s Downtown

Broadway Underground

Brokedown Palace

Broken Goblet Brewing

Brooklyn Music Kitchen

Brookton’s Market

Brother Don’s Bar & Grill

Buffa’s Bar & Restaurant

Bull Moose Saloon

Showing Venues 1-99 of 716

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