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Pool tables (or billiards tables) are often available for entertainment at sports bars, dive bars, pool halls, bar & grills, etc. Pool tournaments are a popular social activity.

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@ Cheers

100 Nickel at Chipper’s Lanes

151 Saloon


19th Hole

1st Street Bar

2454 West

279 Bar & Grill

3 Doors Down Bar

37th & Zen

404 Bar & Grill

58 Below

615 Bar & Grill

8 Seconds Saloon

830 North at Chipper’s Lanes

A Bar Named Sue Midvale

Abbey Road Tavern & Grill Cary

ABG’s Libation Emporium

Acadia Live

Ace Cafe Orlando

Adair’s Saloon

Airport Tavern

AJ Gator’s | Aragona

Al’s Bar

Al’s Wine & Whiskey Lounge

Alchemy Tavern

Anderson Mill Pub

Anvil Brewing

Apple Lounge & Grill

Archie’s Big Heads

Area 23 Concord

Arkey Blue’s Silver Dollar


Asil’s Pub

At The Garages

Augie’s Sunset Cafe

Auntie Skinner’s Riverboat Club

Average Joe’s Laredo

Average Joe’s Pub

B-SIDE Memphis

Backstage Bar & Grill

Baker St. Pub & Grill South Austin

Bar K

Bar-None Two Rivers

Barbary Coast Saloon

Bareback Bar & Icehouse


Barrelhouse South

Bayou Thunder Saloon

Beach Barracuda’s Grill

Beach Shack Bar

Beacon Icehouse

Bear’s on Fairfield

Bears Den Pizza

Beer Belly’s

Belvederes Ultra-Dive

BFE Rock Club

Big Star Bar

Big Star Tavern

Big Top Brewers Collective

Billy Goat Saloon

Billy’s Lounge

Bison Bar

Black Hammock Lazy Gator Bar

Blackbird on Pearl

Bleachers Bar

Blind Pig Saloon

Blue Note OKC

Blue Spruce Brewing | Littleton

Bluebonnet Bar

BLVD Tavern

Boar’s Nest

Bob’s Tavern

Bobarino’s Pizzeria

Bodega’s Alley

Boogies Bar & Grill

Boojum Brewery Taproom


Boone Saloon

Boozerz Rock Bar

Borski’s Tavern

Bottle House Bar

BOWLevard at Corbin Bowl

Boxcar Ale House

Bozeman Eagles Club & Ballroom

Brackins Blues Club

Branch House Tavern

Brass Hall

Break and Run Billiards

Brendan’s Sports Pub

Brewskeez Smokehouse & Music


Brick By Brick San Diego

Brickyard Dauphin Street

Broadway Sports Bar & Billiards

Bryan Park Bar & Grill

Bubba Brew’s | Lake Norris

Buddha LIVE

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Showing Venues 1-99 of 711

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