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Input search terms and/or location to search venues.


  • Use the first search field to search venues by name, category or tag.
  • Allow “auto-complete” while typing for suggestions.
  • Use fewer, or singular, search terms for more results or leave blank and search location only.


  • Use the second search field to search by city, state, and more.
  • Allow “auto-suggestions” for venues near you.
  • Select “ Near: My Location” to search venues near you.
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Search Filters

Click the filters () button on any search bar to show all filters.

Learn more about venue categories, performance types, and music genres.

Categories & Tags

Venue Categories are broad groups of venues including music venues, theaters, bars, nightclubs, casinos and more.

Venue Tags include specific features and qualities used in describing a venue such as independent, intimate, outdoor, beer garden, etc.

View all categories and tags.

More About Location

The default location search includes an area 15 miles out from the center. This can be adjusting using the distance range search filter.

To search within a location’s borders, enter the location and select In: Location in the dropdown menu, or choose Set Location from the main menu.

You can also view locations by using state and/or city venue maps. Start here.