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Dive bars are often in the “eye of the beholder” but are usually dark, small, and old.

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331 Club

529 Bar

ABG’s Libation Emporium

Adair’s Saloon

Alabama Music Box

Alex’s Bar

Amityville Music Hall

Arlene’s Grocery


Art Bar Columbia

Artichoke Sandwichbar

Ashley Street Station

Bauser’s Dunedin

Beachside Tavern

Big Star Bar

BJ’s Lounge

Blackbird Ordinary

Blue Note OKC

Bluebonnet Bar

Boathouse Oyster Bar

Bobby’s Idle Hour Tavern


Boozerz Rock Bar

Bounty Lounge

Brackins Blues Club

Bremen Cafe


Buffalo’s Mohawk Place

Cadieux Café

Café Bourbon Street

Café Nine

Casey’s NSB

Charlie’s Kitchen

Cherry Street Station

Chicora Alley

Chopper John’s

Club Crow

Cole’s Bar

Cousins Lounge

Dan Electro’s

Darrell’s Tavern

Devil’s Backbone Tavern

Dew Drop Inn Grass Valley


Distribution Bar Fort Worth

Doc Holliday’s Saloon

Doll Hut

Dolphin Tavern

Double Wide Dallas

Dragon’s Den

Dürty Nelly’s Pub – Deli

El Bar

El Corazón

El Rio SF

Eli’s Mile High Club

F.O.E. Billings

Fat Cat Saloon

Freetown Boom Boom Room

Friends Bar

Funhouse Seattle

Funk ‘n Dive Bar

Geno’s Rock Club

Gold Diggers Bar

Gold Sounds Bar

Goldstein’s Mortuary & Delicatessen

Green Parrot Bar

Happy Dog

Hardrider Bar & Grill

High Dive Seattle

Showing Venues 1-69 of 229

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